MDAN Services Portal Access Policy & Criteria

The Male Domestic Abuse Network Services Portal (MDAN) is a UK-wide online information system containing details about specialist domestic violence/abuse services available for men and children and also refuge and safehouse contacts and availability. The Portal is managed through a carefully password protected website with a strict level of security. Our current policy is that the Portal should only be accessed by professionals delivering services directly to, or associated with, supporting Male victims of Domestic Abuse and their children.

There is a two-tier level system operating on the MDAN Services Portal for services that meet the Access Criteria.

The purpose of this document is to clarify the different eligibility criteria for access.

Level 1

A user can have Level 1 access on the system which means that they will be to view information about services provided by specialist domestic violence/abuse service providers and other organisations as listed in the Oak Book.

Level 2

A user that has Level 2 access to the MDAN Services Portal will have the same access to the system as Level 1 users but will also be able to access information on organisations providing male refuge and safehouse provision.

The Portal does not contain confidential address information and will not be linked to any database that stores confidential addresses. The information listed in the Portal is accurate to the best of our knowledge but due to the ever changing landscape of services, details may change at any time. It is not responsibility of the project to determine the quality of the services provided.

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